Applescript to export your iPhoto albums according to the hierachy

iPhoto has one thing that drives me nuts: one cannot export photos in folder/album while keeping the hierarchy!
This is very useful when your want to export them to some external device, say, a digital photo frame.

I did some search and found that people are using some cumbersome trick, i.e., to batch rename the photos with prefix of the event, export, and then move the photos with the same prefix into folders with the prefixes. This is not so elegant because people may want to give meaningful name the photos and this will certainly destroy it.

So I wrote this little script to make life easier. Extract it and drag to ~/Library/Services. This will add it as an service of iPhoto. Now you can just select an album and choose

‘iPhoto -> Service -> Export Album’

then select a folder to export to. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Applescript to export your iPhoto albums according to the hierachy”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Hello, this was just the thing I was looking for. Imaging how annoying that the link to the source doesn’t work. Can you fix the link please?

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