My workflow of copying and pasting content between Mac and iOS device

I’ve always wanted to dumping contents from Mac to my iOS. For example, I subscribe to websites that reports Free for Limited Time apps everyday. Whenever I want to download, I have to download it to iTunes first, then sync to my iOS, or turn on the iCloud to allow simultaneous download, which is kinda cumbersome in my opinion.

One solution is Pastebot. Pastebot is good, but I always think that it’s overpriced ($3.99, iPhone only), and you need to install server in your Mac. It’s functionality is also rather limited.

My solution is to use droplr. It’s pretty handy in all aspects. You capture the screen, drag a link, image, text or whatever file type to the menu bar icon, they get uploaded and the link is copied to your paste board immediately when upload is finished.

Drag to the menu bar icon


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